Causes of Watery Eyes

There are a number of ailments that can cause your eyes to be watery.  The three most common causes are a cold, allergies and Dry Eye Syndrome. The most common medical cause being, Dry Eye Syndrome.

According to some other causes of watery eye could be:

  • weather conditions such as dusty weather, wind, cold, and sunshine
  • environmental factors such as bright light and smog
  • inflammation of the eyelid 
  • eyelid turned outward or inward 
  • ingrown eyelash 
  • pink eye  or other infections
  • injury, such as a cut or scrape on the eye
  • some prescription medications

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According to the American Optometric Association, some symptoms affiliated with watery eyes or Dry Eye Syndrome are:

  • Gritty, irritated, scratchy or burning eyes
  • The feeling of something in the eyes
  • Excess watering
  • Blurred vision

Watery eyes can develop for a number of reasons including medical conditions such as diabetes and thyroid disease, aging, your gender or certain medications you are taking that can reduce tear production.

In mild cases, symptoms can often me managed using over the counter artificial tear solutions.

In either case, if symptoms persist you should seek medical attention.  If you are experiencing prolonged symptoms and would like to make an appointment to see one of our doctors, please call the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center Ambulatory Care Center at 718-206-7001 for an appointment.