We Will Never Forget 9/11

“I want them to know they will never be forgotten,” is what Jamaica Hospital’s Vinny Barranco EMTP Supervisor wants people to remember.

Vinny was one of the emergency responders that raced to the World Trade Center 16 years ago on the tragic day of 9/11. We sat with him as he shared his story of this very sad day in our nation’s history.  Here are details from our interview:

Where were you when you first heard we were being attacked?

Vinny: I was in the hospital’s garage getting ready to head out on the road.

What were you feeling?

Vinny: My feelings came in different stages. Just a flood of emotions; I was angry, I felt sorrow- my heart was breaking. Our guys felt the same way but we knew we had a mission. We knew that we had to get to World Trade Center at any cost and by any means.  We were determined to get out there and do everything that we could do to help. Our hearts were heavy but that did not stop us. We had guys that were off duty calling in saying, “I’m going in.”   Jamaica Hospital tried to fit as many emergency responders possible in each ambulance.  It was all hands on deck. Our mechanics made sure that everything that was mobile was ready to go, our ambulances, our mobile health clinics

How did you feel when you arrived at the World Trade Center after the attacks?

Vinny: When I arrived, I was just in disbelief of what I was seeing.  This was not the New York City I know. I did not resemble my New York, It resembled a war zone.  When we looked at the World Financial Center there was total devastation. It’s just hard to put in words what we saw.

What would you like survivors and those who lost loved ones to this tragedy to know?

Vinny: On 9/11 I lost friends.  We lost employees from Jamaica Hospital. It’s hard knowing they are gone. It is heart-wrenching.  We want everyone who was affected by this tragedy to know that their loved ones will never be forgotten.   This is the reason why I volunteer at the Tribute Center because I want them to know to know we will never forget.

Vinny volunteers at the 9/11 Tribute Museum; He devotes his spare time to taking guests on tours and sharing his story.  Vinny helps visitors to understand and remember the events that took place on 9/11. He knows that by doing so, he is doing his part in keeping the memories of those who perished alive.

At Jamaica Hospital we will never forget and recognize the courage of emergency responders and others who helped people affected by 9/11. On this day, please join Jamaica Hospital as we remember those we lost.



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