Ways to Quit Smoking

Would you like to quit smoking but don’t know which method is the best for you?

Smoking cessation methods all have positive and negative attributes. There is no guarantee that any one way is better than any other. Some of the methods available are:

• Behavioral Modification – this is an important method because it involves educating people who want to quit and learn about the health benefits of smoking cessation. Some of the behavioral techniques include keeping a diary of when the person needs a cigarette, smoking only half a cigarette, waiting 5 minutes after the urge hits before reaching for a cigarette, and avoiding situations or places that trigger the desire to have a cigarette.

• Cold Turkey – This technique is good for a first attempt. The level of success can vary and is often dependent on the person’s determination to achieve the goal. It also is the least expensive way of quitting. This method usually works best for people who are casual smokers, have a low nicotine dependence, and who smoke less than ten cigarettes a day.

• Nicotine Patch – This technique is often the first choice for people who are tying to quit smoking. It is relatively safe to use and isn’t very expensive. Some side effects include skin rash and vivid dreams. The patch is usually used for six to eight weeks.

• Nicotine Gum – This is another popular technique that people will try when they want to quit smoking. It is more expensive than the patch and a person has to be willing to chew a lot of gum throughout the day in order to keep the medication at a constant level in the body. It isn’t as quick acting as some of the other techniques. Nicotine gum comes in two strengths, 2 mg and 4 mg, and the higher dose is best for people who are heavy smokers. Some of the side effects can be sore mouth, hiccups, and nausea.

• Burpropion – Zyban – The first non nicotine product for smoking cessation. This is a pill that can be used in addition to the nicotine patch. A person starts taking this medication for one to two weeks before their intended quit date. It should not be used for more than 12 weeks. The side effects can include headaches, insomnia, dry mouth and rhinitis.

• Nasal Spray – This is a good method for people who did not have success with the patch or the gum. It is quick acting and good for people who are heavy smokers. It is very expensive and not much more effective than the other modalities.

Smoking cessation can be difficult to achieve with just one attempt. Studies have shown though that people who have higher rates of success are under a physicians care and guidance in this process. To schedule an appointment with a specialist at Jamaica Hospital to discuss the best options for you, please call 718-206-6742.quit smoking

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