History of Toothpaste

Even in ancient times people were concerned with the health of their  teeth and gums. The first toothpaste was used by the Egyptians around 5000 BC.  It was made from the powder of ox hooves, burnt eggshells, pumice and water. There is also evidence that the ancient Greeks and Romans used crushed bones and oyster shells followed by the Chinese who favored ginseng, herbal mints and salt.
More modern versions of tooth cleaning products  were made in the mid 1800’s that combined soap, borax and  chalk. In those days toothpastes were mainly in powder form and were very abrasive which often damaged teeth.   The first toothpaste which came in a jar was developed in 1850 In the 1890’s  toothpaste  was introduced in tube form. Soap was still an important ingredient of toothpaste until the 1940’s when it was replaced by sodium lauryl sulphate . One of the major developments was the addition of fluoride in the 1950’s which inhibited tooth decay and is still a key component today.
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