Tips For The Hurricane Season

While we typically associate the summer with delightful temperatures, this time of year can also bring dangerous weather conditions, namely hurricanes.

With a long history of providing relief to places previously devastated by hurricanes, including sending personnel to assist the victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Maria, Jamaica Hospital Medical Center is experienced and knowledgeable about how to properly prepare for such an event. Our hospital would like to share the following safety tips with our community:

  • In case of a need to evacuate, know where the nearest evacuation route is located
  • Keep a supply of non-perishable food that doesn’t require refrigeration or cooking
  • In an easy to locate area of your home keep flashlights, extra batteries, extra cash, a first aid kit, basic tools, charged cell phones and chargers, and a battery operated radio
  • Make sure you have a seven day supply of prescription medications
  • Have a three day supply of drinking water, one gallon per day per person.
  • Fill a bathtub with water to use to flush toilets
  • Make sure that all of your important documents are kept in a place that is high above ground level. Always keep a copy of these documents with you if there is a need to evacuate
  • Give everyone in your household a list of people they should contact in case of an emergency
  • Have a plan to protect your pets and have extra food for them
  • Prepare to put outdoor furniture away or at least firmly secured

By being prepared and following these tips, you can help keep your home and your loved ones safe from disaster.

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