Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Many people feel that the beginning of the New Year is the perfect time to get a “fresh start” on goals they would like to accomplish. While we may start off with good intentions, many people don’t follow through on their resolutions for more than a week or two. It may take time for a new habit or goal to become part of a daily routine, and those wanting immediate results may lose patience.

Here are some helpful suggestions for keeping your New Year’s resolutions this year:

  • Set goals that are realistic
  • Plan your goals in advance
  • Write down a plan on how you will achieve your goals
  • Tell others who you can trust to help you with your plan
  • Give yourself a reward when you reach certain levels of these goals
  • Keep track of your progress by writing it down
  • Don’t give up if the first attempt fails, try again.

Be patient with yourself. Changing a habit or starting a new routine can take time to get used to. If you don’t succeed with the first attempt, think about what went wrong and try to modify that behavior. You can always try again.

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