This Month We Shine Our Employee Spotlight On Nicole Tuccillo, PA-C, MHA

This month, we are proud to shine our employee spotlight on Nicole Tuccillo, PA-C, MHA a Physician Assistant in the Emergency Department at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center where she has been working since 1999.

Nicole is a native of Queens. She grew up in Howard Beach and attended elementary school at P.S. 207, Junior High School at J.H.S. 202, and high school at Christ the King. She received her associate’s degree from Delhi University and received her B.S. and Physician Assistant degrees from Wagner College. Nicole then went on to obtain a Master’s in Health Administration from Bellevue University in 2012.

Nicole spent her first four years working at Jamaica Hospital in the PICU, she later began working in the Emergency Department. One of the positions she held was Trauma Program manager for five years. However, Nicole’s true calling is working in the different areas of the Emergency Department as this is where she feels she is most needed. She has the opportunity in the ER to teach PA and medical students which is very rewarding.

Nicole currently lives with her family on Long Island. Nicole’s husband is a Lieutenant with the New York City Fire Department. They have a son who is 14 years old and a daughter who is 13 years old. Completing the household is a dog named Cocoa who is always at the door waiting to greet them with lots of love. Her family is her whole world. Nicole also enjoys spending time with her friends as well and likes the fact that they round out her life so nicely. In her free time she practices Pilates and yoga which help her to relax and stay grounded.

Nicole likes trying new types of food, especially things that are exotic. She also loves to travel to new places. A few of the places she has been to include Iceland, Hawaii, Montreal, Sicily and other parts of Europe. Travelling the world has given her the opportunity to see new places, see the beauty that they hold, and learn about other cultures.

Nicole enjoys working at Jamaica Hospital because it is a comfortable atmosphere in which she is able to multi-task. According to Nicole, “The hospital is a place where everyone knows everyone else and work well together as a team. Our collective goal is to provide our patients with the utmost of care.” She also enjoys the diversity that is part of the fabric of the hospital and the patients that we treat.

We are very happy to have Nicole as part of the Jamaica Hospital Medical Center family and look forward to having her with us for many more years.

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