This Month We Shine Our Employee Spotlight on Joel Louis

This month we shine our Employee Spotlight on Joel Louis a security officer at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

Joel Louis has been a security officer at Jamaica Hospital for five years. He was born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. After graduating in the early 1990’s with a Master’s Degree in fashion from the Mercy Jaquez School in the Dominican Republic he decided he wanted to come to the United States to pursue career opportunities.

Joel comes from a very tight knit family. He enjoys spending time with them, especially his son who he considers to be a miracle child because of how difficult it was for his wife to conceive. In his free time he enjoys drawing and sewing. He enjoys dining out, going to see movies that are comedies and when possible, going to fashion events. He also hopes to complete the book he is writing which he entitled “Reason to Live”.

Joel currently resides in Richmond Hill which he likes because it feels like a nice community. Working at Jamaica Hospital also feels like a community to him and he takes pride in contributing to its well-being by keeping everyone safe.  As part of his goal to ensure the safety of others, Joel made over 2,000 masks which he donated to healthcare facilities including ours. He looks forward to many more years at the hospital and we are happy to shine the spotlight on him this month.

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