The Effects of Drinking Alcohol and Hypertension

HypertensionDoes Drinking Alcohol Affect Your Blood Pressure?

There is a definite correlation between drinking alcohol and a person’s blood pressure. Blood pressure is raised because of alcohol’s effect on the blood vessels causing them to dilate.

Most people who occasionally consume  more than three alcoholic drinks at one sitting will experience a short term rise in blood pressure. Three drinks or more can lead to a rapid increase in blood pressure which could lead to a stroke, for those who already have hypertension.  People who regularly have three or more drinks every day will experience a prolonged elevation in their blood pressure which will be harder to reduce.

Staying away from alcoholic drinks completely for two weeks usually allows the blood pressure to return to whatever is normal for that individual.  Alcohol may also have an effect on blood pressure medications which could limit their effectiveness.

While drinking moderate amounts of alcohol occasionally won’t have a prolonged effect on a person’s blood pressure, drinking excessively certainly can. To make an appointment with a physician who can help you to control your blood pressure, please call 718-206-6742.

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