The Benefits of Sleep

Feeling tired? You’re not alone. According to The National Sleep Foundation, millions of Americans lack adequate sleep and suffer from a sleep disorder. To better help individuals get a good night’s rest, Jamaica Hospital has opened a brand new, state-of-the-art Sleep Center.

The Sleep Center staff is comprised of Board Certified Sleep Specialists and Respiratory Therapists who work together to diagnose and treat the following sleep disorders: narcolepsy (falling asleep suddenly during the day often without warning), sleep apnea (irregular interruptions in breathing during sleep), snoring, shift work sleep disorders (sleep difficulties stemming from working irregular hours or overnight shifts), and pediatric sleep disorders, such as night terrors.

“Our lives are consumed with work, family, and personal responsibilities, all of which greatly impact the time we get to rest,” said Dr. Mayank Shukla, Director of Sleep Medicine at Jamaica Hospital. “Inadequate sleep is considered the norm but we have to understand that sleep affects our overall health, so if you’re not getting enough rest, it’s important to find out why.” 

Dr. Shukla adds that the various symptoms of a sleep disorder can include: daytime sleepiness, fatigue, falling asleep at inappropriate times, loud snoring, frequent nocturnal movements, nighttime chest pains, poor memory and concentration, and morning headaches.

Jamaica Hospital’s Sleep Center performs overnight tests, where a patient wears electrodes so that their breathing, brain waves, muscle movements, snoring, and heart rate can be monitored by a technician throughout the night. The testing environment is comfortable and homelike. Each patient room has soundproof walls for privacy and is furnished with a queen size bed, a flat screen television, and a DVD player. A continental breakfast is also available to patients before their morning departure.

“Sleep disorders and lack of sleep is a growing problem,” said Dr. Shukla. “People often ignore their continued sleepiness, not realizing that it can be the result of a sleep disorder. It’s important that people mention this problem to their doctor.”

If you have a sleep disorder or suspect that you have a sleep disorder and would like to schedule an appointment, ask your doctor to provide you with a referral to Jamaica Hospital’s Sleep Center.

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