Shining the Employee Spotlight on Yanina Levanidova

This month Jamaica Hospital is proud to shine its employee spotlight on Yanina Levanidova, a nurse in the Emergency Department who has been with the hospital for ten years.

Yanina is originally from St. Petersburg Russia and came to New York in 1994. Prior to leaving Russia, she graduated from college in St. Petersburg with a degree in computer science. Yanina received her nursing degree from Molloy College in 2001 and received her Nurse Practioner degree from Stony Brook University in 2006.

Yanina currently lives in Queens and enjoys the diversity of the different neighborhoods that are in the borough.

She enjoys going to the movies, going out to eat, and visiting museums. Her favorite artist is Salvador Dali. Yanina says her favorite way to spend her free time is visiting new places. She loves to travel and she tries to do it as often as possible. Her favorite destinations to travel to, besides her native St. Petersburg, typically have a beach and an ocean.

Being a nurse in the ED can be very challenging, but it has many rewards as well. Helping people who are very sick who come in to the Emergency Room to feel better is a very satisfying. Yanina says that working at Jamaica Hospital is like being with family. Ever work swell together. We are very fortunate to have Yanina as a member of our team.


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