Protect Your Children. Get Them Vaccinated

Do You Vaccinate Your Children?

131577493More and more parents today are opting not to have their children immunized against serious medical diseases. Their decision is largely based on unsubstantiated reports in the media that link vaccines to certain conditions.

The fact is vaccines are safe and immunizing your children protects them from more diseases than ever before. Some diseases that were once responsible for thousands of childhood deaths each year have been completely eliminated and others are close to extinction. Unfortunately, because some parents have opted not to get their children vaccinated, there has been a resurgence of certain diseases, such as whopping cough and measles, which has led to an increase in hospitalizations and childhood death.

By vaccinating your child today, you are not only ensuring their protection against a wide variety of illness, but you are also helping to eradicate these diseases for future generations.

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