Benefits of Prenatal Exercise

prenatal exerciseDon’t be afraid to exercise if you are pregnant. As long as you are feeling well, and your doctor approves, it is okay to do some moderate exercising during pregnancy. Exercising is recommended because inactivity is not good for pregnant women. It can lead to excess weight gain, elevated blood pressure, frequent aches and pains, and higher risk of C-sections.

The benefits of exercising during pregnancy include:

• Better posture
• Improved circulation
• Less fatigue and more energy
• Strengthens muscles
• Helps prevent back pain

Exercising during pregnancy has to be done carefully and should be done in moderation. You don’t want to injure your body or your developing fetus. It is advisable to work with an instructor who has experience working with pregnant women. Definitely do not exercise if you are experiencing any type of discomfort, shortness of breath, or become overheated.

One of the easiest ways to start exercising during pregnancy is by simply walking. It is important to always wear shoes that are comfortable and loose fitting clothing. Walking should be done on a level surface at the beginning and slowly increase the distance and duration. For added benefit, you can try carrying light weights, increasing your speed, and walking up and down hills. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise and low or non-impact aerobics are also usually safe.

Consult with a physician before beginning any form of exercise routine. If you would like to schedule an appointment for prenatal care in our Women’s Health Center, please call 718- 291-3276.

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