Lisa Fraumeni Shares Her “Jamaica Journey”

Thousands of people work at Jamaica Hospital and each have their own unique story to tell about their career path.  The following is one of them.

Lisa Fraumeni started her Jamaica Hospital journey in July of 1987 as a clerk in the hospital’s Admitting Department.  According to Lisa, “I was working at the hospital while attending Queensborough Community College.  I was originally unsure of what career path to follow, but working at Jamaica had a lot to do with my decision to ultimately pursue a degree in nursing.”

In 1996 Lisa graduated with her nursing degree. She wanted to continue working at Jamaica Hospital, but unfortunately there was a hiring freeze at the time.  Lisa waited patiently for 10 months for a position to open up, but eventually was forced to accept an offer at another hospital.

Coincidentally, around the same time, Lisa was named Jamaica Hospital’s employee of the month. During the presentation of her certificate, hospital leadership learned of her situation. Not wanting to lose her as an employee, a job was offered to her and she happily stayed.

Lisa initially worked day and evening shifts on 4 North before being transferred to the Emergency Department in 1998 where she eventually became Assistant Head Nurse.   In 2017, after nearly 20 years in Jamaica Hospital’s ER, Lisa was ready for her next challenge.  There was an opening for a Nursing Supervisor position on the evening shift. Lisa applied and was given the job.

Over the last 33 years, Lisa considers her colleagues at Jamaica Hospital her second family.  “Jamaica Hospital has provided me with so many opportunities for advancement, for which I am extremely grateful.”  Lisa added, “I grew up at Jamaica Hospital and I’m excited to now be in a position to give back.” Lisa has returned to school to pursue her Doctorate in Nursing Administration.  In her own words, “I’m still going. I’m not done yet.”

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