Keeping Kids Busy During These Challenging Times

During these last few months, with schools closed and social distancing rules in place, it has proven to be very challenging to keep children occupied.

Here are some suggestions that you may find helpful for keeping children occupied based on their age.

Younger children:

  • Go on scavenger hunts around your neighborhood
  • Put painters tape on the floor and make a maze for toy trucks to follow
  • Take a whiteboard or pieces of paper and let your child write a story
  • Make hand puppets with socks and tell stories
  • Plant seeds in paper cups and watch them grow
  • Build a fort with a sheet

Older children :

  • Go on virtual tours of interesting places around the world.
  • Bake cookies
  • Use the internet to learn new skills or to learn how to play an instrument
  • Write letters to people in nursing homes
  • Play board games

While trying new and innovative ways to occupy their time can be difficult at times, there are many benefits. These activities can stimulate them mentally and physically and help them to avoid boredom and depression. There are also many resources on the internet that will help you to find activities that suit everyone’s interests.

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