Jamaica Hospital’s Green Initiative

green initiative 510997911The ecoMediSys initiative was created by Jamaica Hospital Medical Center with the goal of identifying and highlighting ecological initiatives that we have implemented. The program helps in reducing waste, increasing recycling and conserving energy.

Some of the changes we have applied include:

  • The conversion to a paperless, electronic medical records (EMR) system throughout the hospital and our ambulatory care centers.  This drastically reduced the amount of paper previously used in patient charts.
  • The implementation of a digital radiology system that eliminated the use of chemicals associated with conventional x-rays.
  • The elimination of blood pressure machines and thermometers that contain mercury.
  • The installation of energy efficient boilers and chillers, as well as a conversion from oil to gas.
  • A transition to energy efficient LED lighting and the implementation of a fluorescent tube and bulb recycling program.
  • An increase in our paper as well as bottle and can recycling programs.
  • Shredding and recycling containers have been added throughout the campuses in both offices and patient care areas.
  • The motor transport department has replaced all of it’s vehicles with higher mpg cars and vans and initiated a no-idling program for all hospital vehicles.
  • The hospital also added auto-off light switches in many offices and replaced all old PCs with energy star-rated computers.

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