Jamaica Hospital’s Cure Violence Program Receives Over $1 Million to Address Gun Violence in our Community

Congratulations to the Trauma team at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center for being awarded over $1 million by the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice for the continuation and expansion of the hospital’s Cure Violence program. The goal of Cure Violence program is to fund anti-violence community groups in their efforts to steer young New Yorkers away from violence and gun use.

In 2021 Jamaica Hospital created the VETO (Violence, Elimination and Trauma Outreach) program to provide a comprehensive and patient centered approach to victims of gun violence. The VETO team engages patients who are victims of gun violence, develop specific care plans to address social determinates of health, and follow them until all of their care plan goals are met. 

The VETO program was awarded the Marla Becker Scholarship from The HAVI foundation for new and emerging HVIP’s, connecting us with HVIP’s in Philadelphia and our community for consultation in structuring our hospital-based violence intervention program.

In addition, Jamaica Hospital has also formed partnerships with numerous community organizations including violence interrupter groups to address the issue of gun violence in our community.

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