Jamaica Hospital Surgical Team Completes First Percutaneous AV Fistula Procedure In Queens

We are pleased to share that a Jamaica Hospital Medical Center surgical team has completed the first percutaneous AV fistula procedure in Queens.

The team led by vascular surgeon Dr. Mina Guerges utilized advanced imaging and minimally invasive techniques to achieve a successful outcome.

Percutaneous AV fistulas are performed on patients diagnosed with kidney disease or kidney failure, and require hemodialysis; a type of treatment that utilizes a dialyzer (a machine that cleans the blood).

Hemodialysis patients need safe and consistent vascular access points to complete their treatments. Traditionally,Ā  access points are created surgically.Ā  However, Ā a percutaneous AV fistula creates access using non-surgical techniques that offer several advantagesĀ  to patients including:

  • Small incisions
  • No scarring (patients are left with a small puncture site instead of a permanent scar common with surgery)
  • Reduced lifestyle interruptions
  • Shorter recovery times

Lastly, one of the most important benefits of a percutaneous AV fistula is the lowered risk of complications which can include infections and aneurysm formation.

Creating a percutaneous AV fistula requires the expertise of skillful physicians. During the procedure, vascular surgeons and radiologists utilize imaging to insert a needle and guide a tiny catheter device that helps pull the walls of a vein and artery together to create a fistula, then a special tool is used to finalize the connectionĀ and create the access point desired.

While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a fistula for dialysis patients, physicians at Jamaica Hospital are proud to offer the latest technology and alternative options to common surgical procedures.

Jamaica Hospital was recently recognized for its superior outcomes in surgical care. In 2023, the hospital ranked number two in New York for surgical care according to a new analysis released by Healthgrades. The recognition serves as a testament to the hospitalā€™s commitment to delivering advanced and high-quality healthcare to patients.

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