How Do You Know If It’s A Panic Attack Or A Heart Attack ?

You are experiencing pain in your chest and shortness of breath. Are you having a heart attack or are you experiencing a panic attack? Both conditions share very similar symptoms and have a sudden on-set, so how can you tell them apart?

Typical symptoms of a heart a heart include chest pain, shortness of breath, radiating pain, sweating, nausea, and vomiting. During a heart attack it feels as if pressure or a squeezing sensation on the chest and it typically doesn’t improve over time. Heart attacks are usually brought on by exertion.

During a panic attack you may also experience shortness but it is usually accompanied by tingling of the hands, shaking, and a rapid heartbeat. Instead of a squeezing sensation, a panic attack often produces a sharp, stabbing pain in the chest. Pain experienced during a panic attack usually improves within 30 minutes. Panic attacks are usually due to stress.

Determining the difference between the two can be difficult but don’t take any chances if you are uncertain. If you are experiencing chest pain for more than three minutes you should seek help by calling 911. It is always best to have trained medical professionals examine you in order to be safe. An electrocardiogram and a blood test will be performed to confirm or rule out a heart attack.

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