Healthy Food for Healthy Skin

Healthy Food for Healthy Skin

Foods that have antioxidant properties are important because they help repair damage caused by the sun’s UV rays.  Foods and their antioxidant chemicals that will help keep the skin looking good include :

Olive oil – (monounsaturated fatty acids)

Tomatoes – (lycopene)

Dark chocolate – (cocoa flavanoids)

Kelp – (lutein and zeaxanthin)

Orange peels – (limonene)

Red wine – (reservatol)

Cold water fish such as tuna, swordfish sardines and salmon (omega 3 – fatty acids)

Sunflower seeds – (vitamin E)

Other types of foods help the skin maintain its elasticity by promoting production of collagen. These include: soy (isoflavanoids), pumpkin and yogurt (vitamin A), oysters (zinc), and lean meats for their protein content. Water is always very important because it keeps the body hydrated.

It is important to avoid foods that are made from refined carbohydrates and also those containing unhealthy fats. Besides being unhealthy for the entire body, these can lead to premature aging of the skin. .Fried foods or foods that contain a large amount .of sugar can cause acne to develop in adolescents.

While a healthy diet is important for the whole body but there are some foods that can really help you to have nice looking skin. If you would like to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist, please call 718-206-7001.healthy skin

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