Fad Diets

How often do we say we need to lose 10 – 20 pounds quickly? We want to look good at the big party coming up and we are willing to try anything to make that happen. Fad dieting is a concept that has been around for a long time. The methods may change,  but the goal is usually the same.

The results for fad diets are only temporary. They don’t focus on helping a person maintain the ideal weight, and in some instances can actually cause harm. Many of these diets are not well balanced nutritionally. They don’t include a variety of food types, or in the proper quantity, to maintain good health long term.

Some of the principles include:

• Controlled carbohydrates

• Low fat/ high carbohydrates

• Controlled portion size

• Diet pills

• Herbal remedies

• Liquid protein

Weight loss is something that should be done gradually and in a manner that is tailored to a person’s individual nutritional needs. A person who wants to lose weight should always consult with their physician before attempting a diet plan. To speak to a physician at Jamaica Hospital about a weight loss program, you can call 718-206-6742 to schedule an appointment with an internal medicine specialist. They may then recommend that you follow up with a professional nutritionist to tailor a diet to help you meet your goal.

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