Employee Spotlight Shines on Kim Shelley

This month we are proud to shine our Employee Spotlight on Kim Shelley, Manager of the Admitting Department.

Kim has been working at Jamaica Hospital for 31 years. She is a native of Queens, having grown up in Richmond Hill and now residing in Belle Harbor with her husband in a home overlooking the beautiful beach.  Living at the beach gives her a pleasant way to decompress.

In her free time, she enjoys photography, and has become the official photographer at family get-togethers. She also takes beautiful sunrise photos overlooking the beach. Kim likes to listen to music and podcasts, and watch movies. She also enjoys traveling regularly to Colombia, South America to visit family. Other locations she has visited are Europe, Greece, Scandinavia and many destinations in the US.  Some places that she hopes to get to visit one day are Spain, Australia, and New Zealand.

Dining out is one of Kim’s favorite things to do,  especially at all the diverse local restaurants near her home. She likes to try new types of food if they aren’t very spicey. She comes from a long line of Mets baseball fans, and she considers herself a fan of the team as well. Family and friends are very important to her and she likes spending time with them.

Kim considers herself lucky to work at Jamaica Hospital because of all the wonderful colleagues she has met there, many of whom have become lifelong friends. She enjoys the work that she does and takes pride in helping the thousands of patients who pass through her department each year. We look forward to having Kim continue to work for many years in the future.

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