Employee Spotlight on Cristina Gonclaves

This month we shine our employee spotlight on Cristina Goncalves, Coordinator in Jamaica Hospital Medical Center’s Occupational Health Services Department. Cristina has been with the hospital for seven years. She started her career four years ago at Jamaica Hospital as a switchboard operator before moving to her current position three years ago.

Cristina is a native of Queens. She grew up in the Jamaica area and attended Our Lady of the Cenacle elementary school, St. Agnes Academic High School and then John Jay College of Criminal Justice where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Psychology in 2013. Cristina has three children, two girls and a boy whom she enjoys spending all of her free time with. They enjoy going as a family to museums, parks, the movies and just doing anything that is adventurous. Two of Cristina’s favorite vacation destinations are Portugal and Myrtle Beach.

On Saturdays and Sundays Cristina enjoys her kick-boxing sessions. She also likes to eat different types of foods especially sushi, as well as Spanish and Indian food. She finds listening to Latin music very relaxing and also likes Disney songs.

Cristina feels that  working at Jamaica Hospital is like being with family. She finds everyone to be very considerate of one another and she looks forward to having many more positive experiences here. Her long term goal is to return to school to become a social worker which she believes would be a very fulfilling career. We are fortunate to have her as a member of our team and look forward to her being with us for many more years.

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