Employee Spotlight – Katiria Martinez

This month we are pleased to shine our employee spotlight on Katiria Martinez, an Ambulatory Care Representative in the Emergency Department since 2014.
Katiria currently lives in Brooklyn but grew up in the Richmond Hill section of Queens and is very familiar with the area surrounding Jamaica Hospital. According to Katiria, working in the Emergency Department is dynamic and can be very rewarding. She is extremely happy when she can make someone’s day more pleasant , especially when they are facing very stressful moments in the hospital emergency room. She finds it very interesting meeting people from all walks of life and from all over the world.  Katiria states “I am very fortunate to be working with a great group of people. Everyone helps one another which makes it a very good work environment.”  She feels very fortunate to have a supervisor who encourages her to be the best that she can be and who teaches her so many important skills. These are all reasons that she enjoys coming to work every day.
When Katiria isn’t at work she enjoys spending time with her children, two sons and a daughter. She has a fondness for all kinds of outdoor activities such as going camping, hiking, spending time in the woods,  and also spending time at the beach.  Summer is her favorite time because she enjoys warm weather and it is the best time of year to be outdoors. One of the sports she enjoys is archery.  She also enjoys traveling to new places and she is hoping to visit Panama on her next vacation.
Katiria believes in living life to the fullest. When she is at work she strives to make each day interesting and to make a positive difference in the lives of the people she interacts with. When she is home she feels the same way, her family is the most important part of her life and she enjoys the time she spends with them. Katiria  is always trying to make each day a great day for everyone she meets.

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