Emergency Preparedness Kit

When disaster hits there is often very little time to prepare. By taking the time to gather a few items in advance for yourself and your loved ones, you will be able to get through the first few days until help arrives.
An Emergency Preparedness Kit should include:
• One gallon of water per person per day, a minimum of a three day supply
• Nonperishable food and easy to prepare items, three day supply per person
• Battery powered radio
• Battery powered flashlight
• Cell Phone and chargers
• Whistle to signal for help
• Moist towelettes
• Garbage bags
• Diapers and formula for people with babies
• First aid kit
• Prescription medications
• Insurance documents
• List of important contact names and numbers
• Cash
• Fire extinguisher
• Matches in a water proof container
• Three day supply of pet food
• Personal  hygiene items
• Paper and pencil
• Paper cups, plates, utensils, paper towels
• Towels, blankets, sleeping bags, pillows
• Rain gear
• Gloves
By keeping these items in a safe, easy to access place in your home, they will serve you well in case of an unforeseen emergency. For further information regarding Emergency Preparedness, there is information available on the following websites:

Emergency Survival Preparedness Kit

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