Can Your Hypertension Medication Affect Your Dental Health?

dentalManaging your high blood pressure with the appropriate medications is very important for your overall health, but sometimes those medications can negatively affect your dental health.

Often, medications that are used to treat hypertension can have side effects in the oral environment.  Some of these medications can reduce the amount of saliva you produce, causing xerostomia, or dry mouth. Without the proper amount of saliva, the mouth can become irritated and inflamed. Dry mouth can also increase the risk of developing infection, gum disease, and the development of plaque, and therefore cavities.

Gum swelling or gingival overgrowth is another possible side-effect of medications used to treat high blood pressure. Gingival overgrowth occurs when gum tissue becomes so swollen that it begins to grow over the teeth. Swollen gum tissue creates a favorable environment for bacteria because plaque can easily get trapped underneath the gums, making it hard to brush and maintain good oral hygiene.

It is import to inform your dentist about any health conditions you have, and the medications you are taking.  Good oral hygiene and more frequent visits to the dentist can help lower your chances of developing complications.

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