Bad Air Quality and Asthma






About 25 million Americans have experienced Asthma symptoms. Asthma is a condition that constricts your airways, causing them to become swollen and filled with mucous.  It has many triggers, such as, tobacco or dust but, what if your trigger is the air you breathe outdoors?

Air pollutants can trigger asthma.  The air around you can carry particulate matter, such as, dust, soot, smoke, diesel exhaust particles, and smog. These particulates can cause you to labor while breathing and feel a shortness of breathe.

 Recent studies have shown that air pollution is a major cause of asthma attacks.  More than 40% of the nation’s populations live in areas with poor quality air. 

If you have asthma, your doctor can help you design a plan to control and prevent an asthma attack.  Limiting your exposure to air pollution can be an important part of that plan.  The EPA keeps tabs on local air quality across the country through its daily Air Quality Index, which measures levels of major air pollutants.

 Completely avoiding air pollution is impossible, but you can take steps to reduce your family’s exposure to air pollution and reduce the health risks.

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