10 Signs Your Teen May Be Using Drugs

teen on drugs 173498889If you have a suspicion that your teen may be using illegal drugs, there are several physical and behavioral patterns you can look for. Some of which include:
•Bloodshot eyes or pupils that appear larger or smaller than usual
•A change in appetite – this could be a decrease or increase in appetite
•Skipping classes or a decline in grades
•Frequent mood swings
•Neglect in personal appearance or grooming
•Incoherent or slurred speech
•Heavy use of air fresheners, incense or perfumes in rooms
•Frequent outbursts of anger or periods of hyperactivity
•Consistent disappearance of money, valuables or medication from the home
•An increase in secrecy or avoidance
Speak with your teen about these changes, approach them in a direct but calm manner. Ask them questions about changes that may be occurring in their lives, as well as questions that may uncover drug use. If your teen admits to using drugs, it is advised not to display anger but to rather show your support in finding them help and express your concern for their safety. The next step is to immediately seek treatment from a mental health professional, drug treatment program or a qualified therapist.

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