Program Length and Number of Positions:

This is a 24-month certificate beginning late June early July of each year. Two new positions are available each year.

Program Type:

Hospital-based certificate program.


All applicants must obtain a MATCH number. Application MUST be made through the PASS program. October 1 is the deadline for application through PASS

Admission Requirements:

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements to be considered for admission:

  • D.D.S. or D.M.D. from a United States or Canadian ADA-accredited dental school
  • 4 PPI’s from PASS
  • National Board Dental Examination results
  • Eligibility to sit for U.S. licensure boards
  • Curriculum Vitae (submit to PASS)
  • Undergraduate College Transcripts (submit to PASS)
  • 2×2 Photograph


Jamaica Hospital Medical Center
Flushing Hospital Medical Center
Columbia University College of Dental Medicine


This is a 24-month full-time hospital and health center-based CODA-accredited training program. The program offers clinical and didactic training in all areas of pediatric dentistry including: restorative dentistry, pediatric endodontic techniques, behavior management (pharmacological and non-pharmacological), fixed and removable orthodontics, oral surgery, prosthodontics, oral conscious sedation, pediatric medicine, and general anesthesia. Upon successful completion of all requirements, the resident is awarded a Certificate in Pediatric Dentistry and meets the advanced education eligibility requirements of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. Graduates are well prepared to be contributing members of the health care team in a hospital environment, academic institution, community healthcare facility or private practice. This program commences on July 1 of each year.

The clinical curriculum emphasizes: restorative techniques in pediatric dentistry, non-pharmacological behavior management, nitrous oxide sedation, oral conscious (mild to moderate) sedation, intravenous sedation, management of cases under general anesthesia, and public health. Jamaica Hospital is a Level 1 Trauma Center, resulting in extensive exposure to trauma management. Hospital rotations include: pediatric medicine (inpatient and outpatient clinics), general anesthesia, ENT clinic, Adult and pediatric emergency department, pediatric critical care, and community outreach opportunities.

The didactic curriculum emphasizes: literature review, pediatric dentistry series, orthodontic theory, orthodontic management, ,oral biology, oral medicine, pharmacology, traumatology, growth and development with focused lecture on craniofacial development, restorative techniques, special needs patient care, sedation, physical diagnosis, behavioral management, and research methods and materials This specialty program revolves around both well children and those who are medically compromised, developmentally challenged, or victims of trauma. The program offers course work in genetics, and craniofacial biology, including the opportunity to attend monthly craniofacial conferences. There are multidisciplinary lectures with participation by general dentistry, as well as specialty-focused seminars. Pediatric dental residents will participate in daily huddles reviewing patient flow and care with their faculty and are required to present weekly cases and discuss treatment plans and options with their mentors and faculty.

Treatment planning seminars are held bi-weekly for unique and complex cases. Clinical research, leading to a paper of publishable quality, is also a requirement of the program. Accommodations are made for residents to attend Continuing Education courses as well as board preparatory courses. Residents also participate in a monthly Craniofacial Conference sponsored by Columbia University’s College of Dental Medicine.

Graduates are well prepared to be contributing members of the health care team in a hospital environment or community setting and will be prepared for interviews in the private sector.

Program Strengths

  • Strong hospital component
  • Excellent resources for didactic component of program
  • Vast and varied clinical experiences
  • Participation in organized dentistry

Please send your application to:

Department of Dental Medicine

Division of Pediatric Dentistry
134-20 Jamaica Avenue Axel Building – 3rd Floor
Jamaica New York 11418

The application deadline is October 1 of the year preceding matriculation. The program participates in both the National Match and PASS programs. Correspondence regarding application and admission procedures should be addressed to:

For more information about our program, please contact us at:

Telephone: 718-206-6982 or 718-206-8314
Email: or