Terms & Conditions of Employment

Contracts: Term – one year, from July 1st to June 30th


Salary Schedule For Jamaica Hospital

PGY LevelJuly 1, 2023July 1, 2024July 1, 2025
  • Vacation Entitlement: The annual vacation allowance for a twelve (12) month period shall be 20 days/four (4) weeks.
  • Sick Leave: Twelve (12) days of paid sick leave per year
  • ACGME Leave – The hospital shall comply with a ACGME requirements including those pertaining to parental caregiver and or medical leave benefits. Residents shall be eligible for up to six weeks of fully paid time off including benefits coverage at any time during residency or fellowship for the purposes of medical leave, parental leave, or family care leave during their residency and fellowship consistent with a ACGME guidance and requirements.
  • Meal Stipend – The hospital will provide each resident an $800 meal credit use in the hospital cafeteria. The Hospital will provide kosher, vegetarian and halal meals upon request.
  • Educational Allowances – The Educational Supplement for all PGY-level is $850 annually.
  • Education, Professional Development and Post Residency Planning
    • Time off with pay for specialty exams will be granted for a period not to exceed three (3) days in which the exams are actually given
    • Residents in their final year of their basic residency shall receive up to 4 days leave with pay per academic year to attend medical conferences, participate in academic competitions, research symposiums or interviewing. Such days shall require prior departmental approval. Requests shall not be unreasonably denied.
    • The Hospital shall pay for all expenses, including travel, room and board, registration fees, and incidental spending for any Resident who is presenting a paper on behalf of the Hospital or is invited to talk at a conference, or is asked to attend by the Hospital. The Resident must submit all expenses incurred within (30) days of attending the conference and all expenses must be paid by the Hospital within sixty (60) days of submission by the Resident.
    • When a Resident is required to take the ACLS course or any other required certification courses he/she shall be given time off for the length of the course. Coverage shall be arranged by the Department as required, except in an emergency, but at no additional cost to the Hospital.