Terms & Conditions of Employment

Contracts: Term – one year, from July 1 st to June 30th


Salary Schedule For Jamaica Hospital

PGY Level 1 – $59,885.00
PGY Level 2 – $65,026.09
PGY Level 3 – $71,447.69
PGY Level 4 – $73,754.98
PGY Level 5 – $76,186.32
PGY Level 6 – $77,840.28
PGY Level 7 – $81,195.24

Plus a meal allowance of $1,250

VACATION: Four weeks per year

Leave Time

PROFESSIONAL: Three days for conference in final year

PARENTAL: Two days paternity leave

SICK: Twelve days per year

MARITAL: Three days

PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY: Malpractice coverage maintained including protection from claims filed after completion of resident’s contract.

LIFESTYLE: On-call rooms available for residents. Lab coats and scrubs are provided including laundry services.

Benefits covered by Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR) Residents’ Collective Bargaining Agreement