Jamaica Hospital along with Flushing Hospital are the major sites for the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Fellowship. Fellows are exposed to a great variety of medical and psychiatric pathology. The location of the hospitals – located in the most culturally diverse county in the Nation, and close to both major NYC airports- makes this the ideal place in which to master Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry.


Fellows work with Attendings, Residents, and other Fellows on the inpatient medical, surgical, OB-GYN, rehab, and pediatric units. They also evaluate patients in the medical and pediatric emergency departments. Flushing Hospital is the site for our addiction services. Fellows work closely with staff from these divisions to gain a more in-depth understanding of patients with addictions.


Outpatient rotation is with the Family Medicine Service. Here, Fellows work on integrative care with Residents and Attendings on such issues as disease prevention, communication and barriers to foster compliance, along with primary care Psychiatry.


Liaison work is done with the Pain and Palliative Care Department, but may also be tailored to working with other departments, based on the Fellows’ interest.


Fellowship Program Information

Number of Fellows: Two

Length of Program: Twelve Months

Sites: Jamaica Hospital and Flushing Hospital


Fully Accreditation by the Accreditation Council for General Medical Education
Fellows who complete the program will meet all ABPN eligibility requirements to sit for the Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry boards.