In the United States, injuries are the leading cause of death for people 44 and under.

Jamaica Hospital’s Trauma Division recognizes that many of these injuries, accidents, and fatalities are preventable. Our Trauma Division is fully dedicated to reducing and preventing these injuries through community outreach, education and advocacy.

At Jamaica Hospital, our injury prevention programs address the most common causes of injury with programs that reach adults, parents, and children with important safety messages and skills.

Preventing Falls at Home Program

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center’s Preventing Falls at Home Program is dedicated to preventing brain, spinal cord, and other traumatic injuries through education and advocacy. Members of our Trauma Team visit senior centers and local community centers to educate the community on preventing falls. This is an injury prevention program based on high-risk patterns identified in our elderly trauma patients. By the end of the program, the audience will be able to: recognize that most falls among older adults result from interacting risk factors, describe how you reduce your risk of falls, and identify strategies and resources that you can use to reduce your risk for falls.

Safe Kids New York City Coalition

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center is a proud member of the Safe Kids NYC Coalition. Safe Kids is a well-known, global organization dedicated to preventing injuries in children. Jamaica Hospital works with Safe Kids to reduce the number of preventable injuries and deaths by conducting various educational-outreach events throughout the year. Some of our events include: child passenger safety, pedestrian safety, and distracted driving.

Distracted Driving Program

This program is available for all age groups. This power point presentation and discussion focuses on the dangers of distracted driving. The purpose of this program is for everyone to know the importance of safe driving not only for the people in the car, but other drivers and pedestrians. This program can be modified to meet the needs of the specific audiences.

Bicycle Helmet Education and Giveaway Program

The purpose of this initiative is to bring awareness, education and prevention to un-helmeted patients. Initially funded by a 2015 grant awarded from the NYS Chapter of the American Trauma Society, eligible patients receive a helmet along with a one-on-one educational session with the Injury Prevention Coordinator. The focus of this session is raising awareness of the importance of wearing a helmet, educating about risk factors for not wearing a helmet, and increasing awareness of safe bicycle riding.

Working with Safe Kids, a community partner, JHMC Trauma Division recently received a donation of 60 helmets from the NYC Department of Transit to continue the program.