Which Sports Burn the Most Calories?

The World Cup is a popular sporting event that is watched by millions of people around the world. While soccer is entertaining, what is truly impressive are the player’s stamina exhibited throughout the game. Soccer players are required to run up and down a large field over the course of an hour and a half or longer. Soccer, as well as many other sports, is a great way to burn calories.

Are you wondering how many calories your favorite sport can help you burn? Some of the most popular sports in America and the average amount of calories burned within an hour include:
• Basketball: This sport burns about 544 calories an hour and helps develop flexibility, cardiovascular health, and endurance.
• Football: It is a high-speed, extremely physical sport that burns about 544 calories an hour. Some health benefits include cardiovascular training and increasing strength and speed.
• Soccer: This sport burns about 476 calories an hour. Other health benefits of playing a casual game of soccer include improving cardiovascular health, lowering body fat, and building strength, flexibility and endurance.
• Baseball: Due to this sport’s slower pace and lack of physical demand, it causes an individual to burn about 340 calories an hour. Health benefits of playing baseball include improved cardiovascular health and strength building in the arms and legs.

These calculations are based on a participant who weighs 150 lbs. The amount of calories burned varies depending on the amount of time you play the sport, how much you weigh, and how rigorously you participate in the activity. Take some time this summer to get involved in a sport, be active, and have fun.

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