frozen yogurt-505636479In recent years, frozen yogurt and gelato have become very popular alternatives to ice cream. Many believe that these treats are healthier options. There are several differences that set these deserts apart, making some better choices than others.

•Ice cream must contain at least 10% milk fat and cream to be legally considered ice cream. It is high in calories, sugar and fat. A scoop of vanilla ice cream has about 275 calories
•Yogurt does not have the milk fat requirement as ice cream; it is made with cultured milk. Because of the freezing process, there are no probiotics in frozen yogurt. Frozen yogurt allows for substitutions such as honey in place of sugar. A scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt has about 221 calories
•Although commonly mistaken for ice cream, gelato has a different composition that is denser than ice cream. Gelato tends to have less milk fat, calories and sugar. A scoop of vanilla gelato can have 150-200 calories.
All of these treats are delicious but should always be eaten in moderation. Due to the caloric contents, sugars and fats in each, over consumption can lead to complications in your diet, which can cause obesity or diabetes.


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