Vaporizer Pen

 The vaporizer pen, or the “vape,” is a modern e-cigarette that is shaped like a pen. This pen is only sold in select stores and online sites, yet it has grown wildly popular on the east and west coast. It is believed that the vaporizer pen has gained its popularity because of its sleek, portable design, its affordability, and its functionality that allows the user to use the pen in a variety of ways.

How it works:
Various substances, such as wax, flavored oils (known as e-juices), and dry herbs, are placed inside the compact chamber of the pen. When the user clicks the round button on the base of the pen, the chamber begins to heat up in order to produce the vapor from the chosen substance. The battery that heats the chamber and fuels the pen is usually rechargeable, depending on the model, and can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

While this pen can be used to help people quit smoking, it can also encourage people to start. Even though the legal age to purchase cigarettes or e-cigs is 21 in New York, the vaporizer pen is much easier to purchase for minors. It is as simple as clicking “yes” on a website for a minor to purchase the item without any official authorization. Additionally, in a poll by Center for Disease Control (CDC), the number of middle and high school students who have tried the vaporizer pen has doubled in the last year alone, with a large majority of these students had never smoked an actual cigarette. This suggests that instead of helping people quit smoking, this pen is encouraging young people to start an unhealthy habit, creating a new generation of potential smokers.

According to Vaporizer Pen Guide, it is safe to “vape” in public because it has “no harmful effects on the user,” and, therefore, it is not harmful to the general public. However, New York State has banned vaping in indoor public places and California has banned vaping in any place that smoking is prohibited. The vaporizer pen is not FDA approved, which makes the safety of this product and the substances it is filled with uncertain.

Are you trying to quit smoking? Here are some healthy alternatives to a vaporizer pen:
• Nicotine replacement therapy
• Chew gum
• Participate in physical activities
• Practice relaxation techniques

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