The Effects of Smoking on the Skin

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health. The skin is one area that smoking has a very noticeable effect and can be seen very easily.
There are thousands of chemicals in tobacco smoke. Some of these can affect the skin’s elasticity which will lead to wrinkles and skin that looks baggy. Smoke also affects oxygenation of the blood which can lead to a change in skin tone and pallor.
Some other effects smoking can have on skin include:
• Psoriasis
• Hair thinning
• Yellow fingers
• Slower wound healing
• Cancerous skin lesions
Quitting smoking can reverse some of the negative effects. This is due to better oxygenation of the blood and also removal of the toxic chemicals from the body.
If you smoke and would like to quit, you can speak to your doctor and see what method would be best for you. Jamaica Hospital provides extensive assistance for people willing to quit smoking.  We offer a free smoking support group every Wednesday, and there is also the availability of one on one sessions, both in person or by phone. More information is available at 718-206-8494.

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