Streptococcus B

StreptococcusStreptococcus B  is a type of gram-positive bacterial infection that is commonly found in the intestine, the vagina, and the rectal area of women.

It can affect newborns as well as adults. Most pregnant women who carry this infection don’t have any symptoms. It is transmitted during childbirth to the newborn as it passes through the birth canal. It is also a leading cause of sepsis and meningitis in newborns.

Symptoms of strep B  in newborns include:
• Fever
• Breathing problems
• Poor feeding
• Lethargy
• Symptoms of strep-B in adults include:
• Sepsis
• Skin infection
• Bone and joint infection
• Urinary tract infection
• Pneumonia

Strep  B is diagnosed by taking a culture of blood, urine or performing a spinal tap. If the results are positive, it can be treated by antibiotics, usually given intravenously.  If Strep – B has infected the skin, then surgical intervention may be necessary.

Routine screening is recommended for women who are pregnant as to avoid transmitting the bacteria during childbirth to the newborn.   It is also possible to schedule an appointment at the Women’s Health Center at 718-291-3276.

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