Jamaica Hospital Adopts Integrative Healthcare Model to Treat Post-COVID Patients

Post-COVID  Recovery In Queens

For people living with the long-term symptoms of COVID-19, Jamaica Hospital’s Post-COVID Care Center offers a comprehensive treatment approach.

Doctors at the center are adopting an integrative care model to treat these patients, commonly referred to as “long haulers.” These individuals typically experience a variety of lingering physical symptoms including fatigue, muscle and body pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, and headaches. In addition to these physical symptoms, many long haulers also encounter cognitive deficits, such as difficulty concentrating or focusing (commonly referred to as mental fog) as well as mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

This holistic approach to treating patients with Long COVID begins with gathering an initial, comprehensive patient history. This is performed through the utilization of the HOPE note, a tool to elicit the information needed from a patient to better understand their issues beyond the regular medical visit.  Information gathered in the HOPE note includes learning about various lifestyle factors, such as eating, exercise, and sleep habits of the patient. Collecting these details allows doctors to create a customized treatment plan for their patients.

Beyond the initial detailed patient intake form, doctors at Jamaica Hospital’s Post-COVID Care Center also incorporate integrative techniques such as practicing mindful meditation and beginning a gratitude journal.  Both of these activities have proven to offer benefits not only for the patient’s mental health but also for their physical health, highlighting the connection between the mind and body.

Providers also help their patients improve their overall health by creating a customized exercise plan, taking into consideration their past and current level of physical fitness. This can include a walking regimen, yoga or stretching.

Another key aspect of the Integrative Care team at Jamaica Hospital’s Post-COVID Care Center’s treatment plan is the incorporation of a diet that focuses on reducing inflammation.  The anti-inflammatory diet involves the elimination of foods and beverages high in fat and increasing the consumption of vegetables and lean proteins, such as fish.  Another aspect of this diet is the incorporation of turmeric, which can help address joint stiffness and muscle pain, both common symptoms reported by long-haulers.

Of course, the integrated care approach doesn’t just offer alternative forms of treatment; instead, it uses them in addition to traditional forms of Western medicine.  The Center’s team of primary care physicians, pulmonologists and mental health professionals incorporate the best of both worlds to provide a comprehensive care approach to help their patients recover from symptoms they may have been experiencing for months. To make an appointment at Jamaica Hospital’s Post COVID Care Center to receive this pioneering care plan for your post-COVID symptoms, please call  718-736-8204.

To learn more about our Post-COVID Care Center, please visit, https://jamaicahospital.org/post-covid-care-center/

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