New Year, New You: Quit Smoking

Daily planner with the entry Quit smoking

With the holidays on our heels some of us are feeling the shopping stress a bit more than others. For those of us who are working to quit smoking, the holidays can be especially challenging. Use these tips to help you manage holiday stress smoke-free:

  1. Drink Water

Keep yourself well-hydrated and you’ll feel better in general, which will in turn help you manage holiday stress more easily.

  1. Reduce Caffeine

Too much caffeine can leave us feeling jittery and stressed. Avoid extra cups of coffee or energy drinks to stay awake. Rest if you’re tired.

  1. Go For A Walk

When the urge to smoke strikes, head out for a quick walk around the block.

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center wants to help you get on the path to quit smoking today. To begin your journey, join us Wednesday, December 14th during lunch hours. There will be a discussion on cigarette cravings, triggers, and a plan to help you quit smoking. Please call, 718-206-8494 to reserve your place.

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