Getting Your Kids Out The Door In the Morning This Summer

Getting yourself AND your children ready in the morning can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Follow these tips to avoid the mania associated with trying to get your kids out the door for daycare or summer camp and still get to work on time.


• Establish a Set Routine – A non-negotiable routine must be created and adhered to. An important part of the routine is establishing consequences for failing to follow them. If your child understands the repercussions of not getting up the first time they are called, and understands that they will be enforced, they will be more likely to abide by them.

• Stagger Wake-Up Times – If you’ve got more than one kid in the house, and especially if you have a large family, consider staggering wake-up times for greater efficiency. Start with kids who need assistance first, or the ones who move at a snail’s pace come mornings.

• Determine Choices in Advance – Decide what your children will be eating for breakfast and what they will be packing for lunch the night before. Also choose and lay out your child’s entire outfit, including accessories before you go to bed. Not waiting for the last second to make these choices will help avoid arguments over meal choices and identify potential wardrobe issues such as stains or tears.

• Only do What is Important – By getting caught up tackling chores that you don’t have time for, you are setting yourself and your children up for failure. Consider creating a checklist of what absolutely must be done each morning and leave the other stuff until you get home.

• Designate an Essentials Area – Pick a place in your home for everything you will need the next morning. Shoes, backpacks, car keys, and cell phones should be placed in this area every day, so you don’t spend unnecessary time hunting for them in the morning and running the risk of missing a bus or a train.

• Be a Good Role Model – If you are grumpy and lethargic in the morning and running late yourself, then how can you expect your children to behave differently? A good tip is to get yourself up 10 minutes before your kids to brush off the cobwebs so you can greet your children with a positive attitude when they wake up.

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