Have you ever experienced sudden abdominal pain and wondered if it might be gallstones?


Gallstones form in the gall bladder, located just under the liver, and may cause no signs or symptoms. However, if a gallstone lodges in a bile duct, it could cause a blockage. Gallstone pain may last several minutes to a few hours and symptoms may include:

  • Sudden and rapidly intensifying pain in the upper right portion of your abdomen
  • Sudden and rapidly intensifying pain in the center of your abdomen, just below your breastbone
  • Back pain between your shoulder blades
  • Pain in your right shoulder

Make an appointment with your doctor if you experience any of these signs or symptoms. Seek immediate care if you are experiencing:

  • Abdominal pain so intense that you can’t sit still or find a comfortable position
  • Yellowing of your skin and the whites of your eyes
  • High fever with chills

Laparoscopic surgery to remove the gallbladder, called a cholecystectomy, is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures in the United States and is the treatment of choice for gallstones that cause moderate to severe pain. Symptoms usually do not return after the gallbladder has been removed. In a small number of cases, surgery may be done to prevent complications of gallstones.

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