Do You Stop at a “Stop” sign?

DStop Signo you “Stop” at a stop sign? For some people it means a slow roll through an intersection, for some it is a mere tap on the brakes, for others it may seem like  five minutes, especially if you are in a hurry and in the car behind  them.
A stop sign means exactly what it says “STOP”,  the wheels on the vehicle must  come to a complete halt, and remain at the intersection until it is your turn to proceed  safely.
Under New York State law, a motorist must come to a full and complete stop at a stop sign at either:
• A clearly marked stop line
• Before entering a crosswalk
• Before entering an intersection with a stop sign at the point that gives you a view of traffic on the intersecting roadway.
• At an intersection marked with a stop sign, the operator of the motor vehicle may proceed only after giving the right of way to a vehicle that already has entered the intersection, or when the intersection is free of pedestrians.
Unfortunately many accidents occur because operators of motor vehicles fail to observe stop signs. If an intersection looks clear, drivers will sometimes just slow down at a stop sign or not even bother to do even that. Failure to obey traffic signs is a violation and can be subject to a monetary fine and other disciplinary action.

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