Do The Holidays Stress You Out? Follow These Tips

HolidayStress134936674The holidays are supposed to be about joy and merriment, but for many they can become a very stressful time of year.

The average American spends 42 hours a year on holiday activities including, shopping, wrapping presents, decorating, attending holiday parties, and traveling from place to place. Often, these extra activities get squeezed into our already busy schedules.

Our schedules are not the only thing being squeezed during the holidays; so too are our wallets. The holidays promote gift giving, but to what extent? Buying something for everyone on your list can be a very stressful situation, especially when you are on a budget.

To help you enjoy avoid holiday stress and enjoy this very special time of year, try following these simple tips:

• Take Calm-Down Breaks. Soon after you awake, close your eyes, take several deep breaths and meditate or just relax. Quieting down your mind before you begin your day can help it get off to a great start and things will flow for you.

• Create the Holiday You Want – When the holidays come around, you may find yourself getting pulled in many different directions. Don’t give in to outside pressures. Decide how do you want to spend your time and resources. Consider what is most important to you and what memories you want to create.

• Stick to a Budget – Unfortunately, so many people cause their own stress by overspending during the holidays. Try to start saving for the upcoming holiday season early in the year. Sit down and look to see what you can really afford before you start shopping.

• Be Generous With Your Heart – One of the best ways to stay calm, content and cheerful this time of year is to act generously with your loved ones, co-workers and friends. This doesn’t  mean you have to spend a lot of money though.

• Get Moving – One of the best ways to overcome stress during the holidays or any other time is to exercise regularly. Physical activity not only boosts your fitness and energy levels but can also elevate your mood.

• Eat Healthy- Inevitably, at this time of year, you’ll be constantly tempted with sweet, empty-calorie treats. But to be your most energetic, focused and happy self, it’s best to avoid the sugary snacks and eat healthier options.

Hopefully, by following these recommendations, your holidays can be calm, relaxing and fun.

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