Bed Bug Prevention for Kids

Growing up you may remember hearing “sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite” as a sweet, night time rhyme. But recent reports of bed bugs in hotels, movie theaters and even the cleanest of homes have people on high alert. While kids are out of school for winter break they may have traveled with a few critters before returning to class.

Bed bugs are flat, reddish-brown insects about the size of an apple seed. They come out at night to feed on blood which means biting you up in your sleep. After feeding bed bugs tend to hide in clothing in your luggage which moves them to another location, causing them to spread. Since you are more likely to encounter bed bugs while traveling than in your home, here are some prevention tips:

  1. Do a bed bug check of every room before settling in. Small spots of blood on the sheets or mattresses usually reveal bed bug trails.
  2. Keep luggage zipped up and off of the floors and beds by using the luggage racks provided.
  3. Keep clothing in a tied or sealed bag and wash immediately after returning.
  4. If purchasing used clothing wash your items immediately before use or storage.
  5. Keep your home uncluttered so bed bugs won’t have anywhere to hide.

If you think you have a bed bug problem notify your local pest management provider immediately, or tell your property manager if you are renting so they can begin to create a customized treatment for your bed bugs. Bed bugs can multiply quickly, so early detection is critical to help prevent an even larger infestation.

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