Jamaica Hospital Medical Center is committed to being transparent about our charges. The information on this site lists our standard charges for all services and items provided by the hospital.

You should be aware that “standard” hospital charges rarely reflect the actual charges paid for hospital services. Your own charges and out-of-pocket expenses will depend on one or more of the following:

  • the terms of your insurance coverage which govern the amount your insurer pays to the hospital and your obligation for out of pocket cost sharing (deductibles or co-pays);
  • the actual services you receive some of which may not be anticipated due to your medical condition or complications, medication or laboratory testing and unanticipated services;
  • your eligibility for financial assistance from the hospital

For a fuller understanding of your estimated out-of-pocket expenses, you should contact your insurer or the hospital’s Financial Assistance Office at 718 206-8270 or email us at enroll@jhmc.org 

For your convenience, we have provided below, the average charge for each Medicare diagnosis related group (DRG) for an inpatient admission (this does not include the physician fees).