Patient Testimonial: Patient Yvette Sweeney Tells Jamaica Hospital Team, “You Are Amazing!”

Yvette Sweeney has dealt with poor circulation and chronic cellulitis for much of her life, but her most recent experience was extremely serious. After being discharged from the hospital earlier this year, following the treatment of an infection,  Ms. Sweeney attempted to go back to work at her job at JFK Airport too soon and her situation quickly worsened.

She was taken to Jamaica Hospital’s Emergency Department with a deep abscess in her left leg, which she was at risk of losing. The thought of having her leg amputated was extremely overwhelming. “I hit rock bottom and all I could do was cry,” stated Ms. Sweeney, who added, “Thankfully the team at Jamaica Hospital kept me uplifted. No matter how nervous I got, they always kept a smile on their faces and created an extremely comforting environment for me.”

Yvette needed not one, but two surgeries to save her leg, but she still had a long road to recovery; one that she feels she could not have made it through without her outstanding care team. According to Ms. Sweetney, “I’ve been to many hospitals dealing with my condition, and I can honestly say that I have never received this level of care before. Everyone was so kind, and they all knew me by name”. She went on to add, “Everyone from the OR team, to the dietary staff went above and beyond. Jamaica Hospital is by far the best.”

Now, Ms. Sweeney, grandmother of two is back at home and improving every day. She no longer feels any pain and is even walking again. She attributes her amazing recovery to Jamaica Hospital and tells everyone she knows about her experience.

Ms. Sweeney is very grateful for the level of care she received. “I would like to thank the kind doctors, nurses, and support team at Jamaica Hospital. You are amazing!” she said.  “Don’t ever change and keep smiling.”

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