Is your child developing a stuttering problem?

As your child grows, their brain may try to keep up with the rapid pace of learning new things, expanding their vocabulary and communicating.  Often times, children find themselves speaking faster than they can think and begin to stammer. You may be wondering if their stuttering is normal and when should you ask your doctor for help?

It is common to hear your child experience what speech pathologists call ‘dysfluency,’ a disruption in the normal pattern of speech. Normal language dysfluency often starts between the ages of 1ThinkstockPhotos-4762838238 and 24 months and tends to come and go up to the age of five. They are usually signs that your child is learning to use language in new ways. If dysfluencies disappear for several weeks, then return, the child may just be going through another stage of learning.

However, there are times that a child will repeat sounds more than twice and expresses tension and struggle in the facial muscles, especially around the mouth when speaking. An example can be a repetitive flow of the first syllable or letter of a word, such as ‘li-li-like’. The pitch and tone may be higher and a block in air flow for several seconds when speaking occurs. Take some time from your schedule to sit down and practice speaking slowly with your child.

If you believe your child may have a stuttering problem, make an appointment with Jamaica Hospital’s speech pathologist for an evaluation at 718-206-7140. With patience and therapy, your child will be able to speak clearly with confidence in no time.

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