Former Patient Shares His Recent Experiences at Jamaica Hospital

When Arthur Warren called 9-1-1 last June, he expressed some reluctance when the paramedics informed him they were taking him to Jamaica Hospital.  “At the time, I still had negative memories from my previous experiences at the hospital. I felt the level of care and compassion provided during that time was not as good as it could be.”

However, despite his objections, the paramedics took Mr. Warren to Jamaica Hospital’s Emergency Department and as it turns out, he was thankful that they did.  “I recall that the staff was overwhelmed at the time with a high volume of COVID patients, but I had suffered a blot clot and despite being extremely busy, they provided me with life-saving care.”

Thankfully, Mr. Warren was discharged a few days later, but unfortunately, over the next few months, he had to be admitted to Jamaica Hospital two more times to treat an acute case of pancreatitis. Both times he was admitted to the 6 South unit where he found the care to be “greatly improved.”

Mr. Warren described his encounters “I was pleasantly surprised of the changes. It was like I was in an entirely different hospital, and it was a total reversal of my previous experience.”  Some of the many things that Mr. Warren pointed out was the empathy the staff displayed. “It was evident that the nurses cared a lot about me based on the way they spoke to me.” Mr. Warren also cited the improved communication by the doctors. “I was very impressed when my doctor refused to leave my room until he was confident that I understood my condition and the care plan.”

Mr. Warren added “It is obvious to me that everyone at Jamaica Hospital, including the social work, environmental services, and pain management team put an emphasis on putting the needs of the patient first. Upon discharge, they worked with me to manage my medications and adjust my diet so I can better control my condition. I commend Jamaica Hospital on a job well done. Thank you.”

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