Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is the most common mental disorder diagnosed in children, as well as found in teens and continue into adulthood. Children who are diagnosed with ADHD tend to be hyperactive, have difficulty staying focused, and can’t control their impulses.  Boys tend to be affected more frequently than girls. There isn’t a definite cause for the illness but there is a hereditary component, or result of a chemical imbalance in people who are diagnosed with ADHD. Mothers who smoke, drank alcohol, had poor nutrition, or were substance abusers during their pregnancy tend to have children with a higher incidence of the disease.
Children with ADHD:
• Are easily distracted
• Have trouble sitting still
• Have trouble waiting their turn
• Have difficulty organizing themselves
• Talk excessively
ADHD cannot be cured but can be managed through therapy and medication. Dr. Teresita Ruiz a psychiatrist at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, recommends that a parent who suspects their child is showing signs of abnormal behavior, seek professional help for an evaluation. Early intervention is an important component of successfully managing ADHD. To schedule an appointment with a child psychiatrist at Jamaica Hospital, please call 718-206-7160.ADHD

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