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Jamaica Hospital Neurosurgeons Perform First Ever Cerebral Bypass Operation in Queens

Mar 31,2021

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center neurosurgeons were the first ever in Queens to perform a life-saving cerebrovascular operation. The surgical team led by Dr. Mohsen Nouri and Dr. Amrit Chiluwal successfully completed what is known as a cerebral artery bypass, an extremely delicate and complex procedure used to treat patients experiencing a narrowing or blockage of an artery that supplies blood to the brain.

The goal of the operation is to restore adequate blood supply by using a small artery from another part of the body (usually the scalp, neck or a vein in the leg) and connecting it to a vessel inside the brain to reroute blood flow around the blocked or damaged cerebral artery. This procedure is very similar to a cardiac bypass surgery where blocked heart arteries are bypassed.

Patients who typically undergo a cerebral artery bypass are those who have suffered from a stroke, a brain aneurysm or brain tumor. To determine if a patient is a candidate for this procedure, neurosurgeons at Jamaica Hospital rely on advanced nuclear medicine testing such as CT perfusion to show which areas of the brain are adequately supplied with blood and brain SPECT to evaluate blood flow, as well as other diagnostic imaging techniques. These tests are conducted in the hospital’s radiology department and cardiovascular interventional suite which are equipped with innovative radiological imaging technologies. Once it is determined that a patient is a candidate, the cerebral artery bypass procedure is performed in one of the hospital’s operating rooms.

In addition to possessing the latest diagnostic and surgical technologies, Jamaica Hospital is also one of only a few hospitals in the region (and the only hospital in Queens) to have endovascular and cerebrovascular trained neurosurgeons capable of performing this advanced surgical intervention. “A cerebral artery bypass is one of the most technically challenging procedures a neurosurgeon can perform. This type of surgery requires great precision. It is only used to treat a very select group of patients, ideally those who are at a high risk for having a recurrent stroke or other complications that may result from the blockage of a cranial artery,” explained Dr. Mohsen Nouri.

“Thanks to the exceptional neurosurgical team that Jamaica Hospital has assembled, our department can offer patients in our community a highly valuable service. Very few hospitals in our borough can provide this level of care to stroke patients, and others who may qualify for a cerebral artery bypass,” stated Dr. Amrit Chiluwal. “Our team consists of physicians who are highly trained and experienced. We have also successfully treated patients diagnosed with arteriovenous malformations, traumatic brain injuries and other similar conditions.”

Jamaica Hospital is a designated Primary Stroke Care Center as well as a Thrombectomy-Capable Stroke Center and has received numerous awards in recognition of its achievements in stroke and neurosurgical care. Jamaica hospital is the recipient of the 2021 Healthgrades America’s 100 Best Stroke Care award, Cranial Neurosurgery Excellence award and the Neurosciences Excellence award.